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S. Angelo in Colle, the smallest hamlet of Montalcino in Tuscany, is a splendid and enchanting medieval village behind which rises Mount Amiata, the Olympus of the Etruscan People, in the Val d'Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In a fascinating dominant position on the top of a hill, surrounded by its walls, like a round embrace, it offers the most magical sunsets in the world. The red darts of the sun will hit your soul and detonate your desire to live a unique spell.

S. Angelo in Colle finds its proven origins since 715 AD. In fact, this date bears the document between the Diocese of Siena and that of Arezzo for the domain of S. Angelo in Colle. In an absolutely strategic dominant position, on the confluence of the Orcia with the Ombrone, in 1208 it was subjected to the domination of the Sienese Republic. 

After being a fiefdom of the Salimbeni family in 1282, it then became a possession of the ancient Tolomei family, which is linked to the Ptolemaic dynasty of the Sovereigns of ancient Egypt.

The founder of the dynasty was Ptolemy I (367-283 BC) who, after the death of Alexander the Great, was appointed Governor of Egypt. He, in 305 BC, proclaimed himself King of Egypt and the Egyptians happily accepted the Ptolemies as successors of the Pharaohs. And this until the defeat by Octavian, in 30 BC, of ​​Cleopatra, the last Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt.

The Ptolemies arrived in Tuscany at the time of the conquest of the Lombard Kingdom in the wake of Charlemagne. In the city of Siena, the Tolomei were the first to distinguish themselves in the art of exchange, becoming a powerful family of bankers and merchants.

Anche Dante Alighieri also mentions the noblewoman Pia de ’Tolomei in the Divine Comedy (Purgatory, V Canto, 130-136). Among the numerous feuds of the Tolomei there was also S. Angelo in Colle where during the fourteenth century they built a large castle inside the circular walls, called "Palatium Ptolemy", on which it still resists, walled on the portal of entrance, one of the oldest coats of arms in "pietra serena", with three crescent mounts to testify the family's participation in the first three Crusades in the Holy Land.


And right on the historical center main street called "Costa Castellare", inside the circle of what was once the noble Tolomei palace, stands the Relais Il Terrazzo. A few meters further on there is the historic "Palazzo Rosso" square, overlooked by the Pieve di San Michele (13th century). Here begins Via del Paradiso (a name that will accompany you in your stay and in your memories) where the Relais Il Pozzo stands. A few more steps and you will touch the stones of the Torrione of the ancient Castle, admiring the expanses of vineyards in Brunello. Going down the street, you will be welcome to Winery La Togata to taste its award-winning Brunellos di Montalcino. But above all, you are already spending unforgettable hours in a sweet and sensual dream together with the people you love most.

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