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Abbazia di Sant'Antimo
Fortezza Montalcino
Museo Diocesiano, Montalcino
Bagno Vignoni
Castiglion della Pescaia
Monte Amiata

If the pleasure of the hours you have lived in your Suites still leaves you some free time, you can also visit Montalcino with its splendid Medieval Fortress (13th century), the Diocesan Museum, and the unmissable Abbey of Sant'Antimo. (VIII / XII century). And why not, the nearby Bagno Vignoni with its splendid spas, Pienza, Monte Amiata with Abbadia San Salvatore ... and in just 40 minutes also the warm sea of Castiglione della Pescaia.

You can then discover that S. Angelo in Colle and its unique luxury and comfort locations can be adopted not only for a weekend or a fleeting but very happy night of passion, but also for a longer holiday full of sun, culture and always plenty sensual Happiness.

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